Spartan Iraq, LLC, offers an array of complementary capabilities that are well suited for military and commercial customers who need a new air academy design and operation, renovated air academy program, and upgraded or expanded modern training and education programs.  

Project Management

The leadership team of Spartan Iraq, LLC, has extensive experience designing tailored air academies for prospective customers, principally in the Middle East.

Our program management approach starts with academy design that’s tailored to desired outcomes and execution strategy. We allocate resources to both the mobilization and execution phases of the program to deliver success.

Resources include industry-leading curricula, innovative training aids and simulators, highly effective instructional staff who use state-of-industry instructional methodologies and other innovative approaches. Moreover, our program management expertise promotes timely delivery of required training and support to the customer, effective cost controls and periodic reporting.

The Spartan Iraq leadership team’s experience with numerous international and U.S. Government pilot and technician training programs facilitates planning for curriculum development, pilot training, technician training, technical English language training, and life support and security services.

Curriculum Development

Black-Cat-Logo-with-Saying.gifAt Spartan Iraq, LLC, we understand that effective curriculum and instructional methodologies aligned with highly capable instructors leads to well-trained students – our ultimate focus.

The curriculum used by Spartan Iraq offers a rich blend of hands-on and academic instructor-led training. We believe that instilling knowledge and then developing repeatable aviation skills leads to successful learning. Our curriculum development is inspired by a saying ascribed to our affiliate Spartan College, crafted during the early days of aviation when risks were high: “Knowledge and skill overcome superstition and luck.”

Aviation Training


When it comes to training, Spartan Iraq, LLC, is in a class of its own. Spartan Iraq provides high-caliber instruction for both pilots and technicians.

Pilots: Spartan Iraq offers a spectrum of training from ab initio (foundational) through instructor levels. We are adept at providing a future pilot’s first academic and flight lessons through senior instructor training. For the Iraq Air Academy, Spartan Iraq will initially provide pilot training using the Iraq Air Force’s Cessna 172 and Cessna 208 airframes with Garmin G1000 avionics.

Technicians: Spartan Iraq can provide general and multi-discipline aviation technician training that includes preparatory science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) based in fundamental mechanical and electronic concepts and applications. Instruction then bridges to general technician training with more than 50% hands-on practical training in lab settings using tools and equipment found on post-training job sites. Spartan Iraq later provides skills training in airframe, powerplant and avionics.C208 AAP Training, 12 May 2016.jpeg

Base Life Support and Security

Spartan Iraq, LLC, can provide a broad range of components of Base Life Support and Security (BLSS) either as stand-alone or turnkey packages in combination with our partners. We provide necessary BLSS facilities, infrastructure integration and associated services wherever an academy might be located:

  • academy offices, classrooms and lab facilities
  • housing and housing services
  • laundry and linen services
  • dining facility and dining services
  • vehicles and transportation services
  • supply facilities and services
  • security facilities and services

Spartan Iraq

Spartan Iraq, LLC

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